University Life

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It's not always as fun as this though.

            When you were at your primary school, have you ever been so eager to go to university because you think university life would be so much fun compared to school? Is it true that university life is full of joy and you will have lots of free time to do your own stuffs? The reality is, no! University life is not as easy as it seems to be. There are many things you’ll need to face in order to excel in university. Yes, it is true that you will have more freedoms if compared to school, but after a while, somehow you will miss your school life very soon. Trust me. There are things that please me such as the freedom to manage my own study time, things that disappoint me such as the bad bus service and there are certain things that surprise me too such as the distance between the classes.

            Just like most of have thought, there are certain things that will pleasant us when we study in university. One of it is the opportunity to manage your own study time. In school, you will have to go to school around 7 A.M., and then the class will only stop around 1.30 P.M., and sometimes continue until 5:00 P.M. depending whether you have extra class or not. When you get home, you’ll have to do your homework and revisions until around 11 P.M. and then go to sleep. In university, no. You will decide when , where and how you want to study. You can even sort your own timetable according to your preferences. You can start your class as early as 8 a.m. or as late as 5 p.m., or just don’t have class at all. Some of my friend prefers to have few day off, and another day packed with classes. As for me, I choose to have few classes per day so that I can keep focus to the current class and not feel so tired. Since in university we won’t have as much homework as in school, it is a breeze for me. We will be given some assignments that need to be send after a few weeks, therefore we can choose when to do our assignments and when to focus on revision. This kind of freedom is something that I really need since I prefer to study at time that I feel comfortable, not when I’m busy with assignments or when I’m tired.

            Everything in the world comes in pair. As there is man and woman, black and white, up and down, ying and yang, there is also good and bad. University life is just the same. Few things disappoint me after a few months in this university. One of them is the bad bus service around here. Our university is one of the universities that have the classes scattered around here. The distance between each classes quiet far, therefore we need to use bus to move from classes to classes. However, the bus service is very unsatisfied to every of us. Sometimes we need to wait for half an hour just to get our bus, and wait another 15 minutes before the bus moves. The bus drivers tend to wait for the bus to be filled and packed with the students before driving it. Most likely, they want to minimize the time that they have to go and back from the destination, that’s the reason they act like that. A lot of complaints have been made, but no further action was taken.

            There are things that surprise me too. When I came here, I cannot belief how far the classes situated. The distance from my residential college to the campus is around 10 kilometres which take me around 30 minutes using the bus, and the distance between the class in campus to my class in Proton city is around 15 kilometers which take me around 45 minutes.

            There are lots of thing that I experienced here in university. There are things that please me, disappoint me and surprise me too. After all, that’s how life is. Now, does my university life really resemble what most of us have thought before?

P/S: If anyone wondered why suddenly I wrote this, I want you to know that this is actually my essay for Writing Skills Assignment. I do it last minute, so please bare with it. Haha..

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