How To Building A PC

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Have you ever dream of building your own computer? Building your own computer is a good idea since you can reduce the cost and build the computer according to your own preference. There are lots of hardware you can choose in the market, depending on your budget. If you want to build a computer just to browse the internet and do some office task, a few hundred ringgit might enough, however if you are thinking of building a machine for gaming, a decent amount of money is needed. However, everything depends on your choice. Assembling your own computer is a simple task if you really know the components of a computer, however it might be a very tricky process if you do not have enough experience and knowledge about computer. Building your own computer involving a few steps such as consideration, finding the needed parts, assembling, and lastly testing.

            Firstly, when you are going to build your computer, you need to consider about certain things. What will you use the computer for? How much is your budget? Both are big questions before you build your own computer. If you needs computer just to browse the internet, do some office work, playing some light games, or watching some movies, small amount of money is sufficient. However, if you want an ultimate machine for gaming, or media center computer to watch HD movies and video streaming, you have to make sure your pocket is full of money. It is always a wise idea to buy your components according to your needs since that way you can save a lot of money, and avoiding yourself from building a machine that cannot fulfill your demand. When you are building your gaming rig, the main concern is the graphic card and processor. It is not wise to buy some decent printer or scanner if what you are doing is playing game. No game will need that stuff. However, if you are building your business computer, those are the things that you will need. Therefore, determine what you really want to do with your computer and check your budget before buying your components.

            Secondly, buying your hardware.  Before you go to your local store, consider to make some research about the hardware you are going to buy. Companies such as MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS, are those that sell decent products for gaming. However, if performance is not your main concern, try to look for products from company like VIA which sell basic product for computer with cheap price. Choosing your hardware is one of the trickiest tasks in building your own computer, therefore you need to be careful so that there are no mistakes. When buying your computer’s components, do not stick to just one dealer. Look for place that sells good products with decent price. In conclusion, do some research before buying your components and look around for good hardware before buying.

            The best part among all the process is to assemble all your components. The most important part in a computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The CPU comprises all of the components needed for the computer to work. It is the first unit that you will have to assemble for your computer. The first part that you will need to have for your CPU is motherboard. Then, put the processor, followed by the CPU Fan to the motherboard. Next is the RAM (Random Access Memory) and graphic card. All of those can be setup outside the chasis. After all the parts completed, you can put the motherboard with all the components inside the chasis. Continue the process by installing the Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Optical Disk Drive (ODD) and all the cables. One important thing to remember, make sure you discharge yourself from any static charge that can easily destroy the hardware. Next, you can plug in your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speaker.

            Lastly, you will need to test all the components. To be honest, this stage is a very fearfull stage. Knowing that your setup might work flawlessly or not working at all can make your heart beating even faster. Make you your hand is always ready to turn the plug off even before you turn it on, in case that you smell or heard something weird you can immediately turn the computer off to prevent further damage. Check all connections, cables and plugs, then turn it on. That’s it, you just build your own system according to your own preference. Well done!

            In conclusion, there process of building your own computer will involves a few steps such as consideration, finding the needed parts, assembling, and lastly testing. No matter what, before you start building your machine, make sure read a lot and ask for help from those who experts about building a computer so that you can prevent unwanted things from happening. Don’t wait anymore, let’s go to build your own computer!

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