LOL! The Best Way To Curb Rempit!

1:39:00 AM

   Do you know what is Mat Rempit? Mat Rempit is not the descendant of Mat Jenin, Mat Kilau and not even nickname of my neighbor, Pak Cik Ahmad. Mat Rempit is a Malaysian term for those who involve in illegal racing. Things like heelie, superman, wikang, and scorpion,or shuttu le katti are some stunts that closely related to them. According to MARA (Malaysian Rempit Association), in Malaysia there are at least 133.4 registered Rempit's Club with increasing numbers each year. Pictures of Mat Rempit:

   So, today I'm going to revealed a secret that Tan Sri Musa Hassan dying to know since long time ago; total destruction of Mat Rempit. There are lots of actions were taken to overcome Mat Rempit, and one of them is rebranding Mat Rempit into Mat Cemerlang that suggested by Khairy Jamaluddin and Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim because they thought Mat Rempit should become the "Eyes and Ears" for the Malaysian Police Force. Seriously man, W** they were thinking?

   I have a better idea. Rebranding of Mat Rempit into Mat Sengal! Yea man, you heard me, MAT SENGAL. Why? Well, there was a research revealed that these villains actually feel proud to be called Mat Rempit; and that makes them even more aggressive. Exactly otherwise of what we thought all this time! Now, if we call them MAT SENGAL, that won't happen, right? Of course, being called a "sengal" is not a compliment at all. Who the h*** want to be called sengal a.k.a d***a**? Haha.

   Plus, I believe that all movies related with Mat Rempit such as Adnan Sempit and Remp-It should be starred by shitty actor and actress, not like Shaheizy Sam and Intan Ladyana!

This is only an example, not saying they are bad actors, hehe.

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