"A Love To Die For"

9:52:00 PM

   I love you baby.. I will do anything to be with you.. You are everything for me.. You means the world to me.. and blablabla.. That's what you will hear from a person in love. I believe you yourself just the same, since most lovers will say the same things. No matter what kind of language and method, the point is the same; to melt your partner's heart, to gain trust from her. Me too.

   You will do anything to please your partner, even it means you have to sacrifice your time, money and energy. It doesn't matter, as long as your love one is happy. The only thing that you care is her happiness, because as long as she's happy, you too.

   Spiders. Do you know why their sex life known as sexual suicide? It simply means they will die after they have sex. Yet, they still want to do it. That's why it's called "A Love To Die For". The male will have his pleasure for a few seconds; a pleasure to make sure he can fulfill his responsibility to ensure that his species won't extinct, and then be killed by his mate, to feed the mother of his offspring.

   That's the reality in insect's world. But, we don't want to be like that. Our purpose of life isn't juts to live and produce more humans. We are meant for more. Love is not only about being with the one we love, but having the one who will be our life, and not give an ending to our life.

   Choosing the right one is critical, as critical to choose between life and death. She might be hot and gorgeous, but you realize she don't really know how to take care of you, how to please you . You try hard to win her heart, but didn't you realize you are actually being the one who lose? Miserable, is not the thing that we expect from our love.

   Choose wisely, being with the prettiest isn't an indication that you will have a beautiful life. Don't judge a woman by her appearance, but her heart. A woman who please you always better than the woman who need you to please her. You'll know when you meet the right one because just being together, both of you will feel the happiness, the atmosphere seems changing, colorful like a rainbow. That type of woman, is the one who you should die for.

P/S: Same goes for woman.

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