How To Install Windows 7 Using USB Flash Drive.

10:25:00 PM

   Installing Windows from a DVD is very frustrating because it consume more times, not suitable for netbook without DVD drive and the DVD itself may scratch. Therefore, it is wise to use USB Flash Drive as an alternative which is more reliable, faster, and easy. Follow the instruction below on how to install Windows 7 using USB Flash Drive:

  • Prepare a 4Gb USB Flash Drive
  • Download DiskPart.exe from here, then install the downloaded file
  • Click Start menu, type diskpart on the search tab, then press enter to run it
  • Enter select disk 1 command on the DiskPart windows
  • Enter clean command to clean the USB Flash Drive
  • After the process completed, enter create partition primary command
  • Enter active command to activate the drive
  • Enter format fs=fat32 quick command
  • Enter assign command to give the drive a letter
  • Copy everything from your Windows 7 DVD to the USB Flash Drive
  • Now you can use it in any computer you want, just insert the USB Drive and boot the system

DiskPart Utility Windows

NOTE: If your computer cannot detect the USB Flash Drive, check the setting on your bios and make sure USB Drive is selected as boot device.


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