Marrying Late Vs. Marrying Young

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 “Never get married in the morning, because you never know who you'll meet that night.” Paul Hornung, a retired Hall of Fame professional football player once said that. He believes that marrying late is better since there is a possibility that we will meet our perfect mate at later time. No matter what we think, there always positive and negative sides of every decision we made. There are some similarities and differences between marrying late and marrying young.

One of the differences between both marriages is the fertility factor. For those who prefer to marry at young age might agree that marrying young is better since at the age of 18 to 25, both men and women are at their best age to have babies. While at these age, their body is in the optimum condition that enables them to have greater fertility and the possibility to have healthier babies. This is important because according to research, those couples who are having babies at later age exposed to greater possibility of having babies with defects such as Down syndrome. Doctors recommended any marrying couples of the age more than 40 to not having babies because they are at the greatest risk of having defected offspring. Therefore, fertility factor is one of the differences between both marriages which support marrying at young age is better.

Other differences including by marrying at older age, both parties will be sure to already have mature thinking. This is important because marriage is not an easy thing. Both individuals that came from different lives have to be together for their whole life. Matured thinking and the ability to compromise with each other is needed. According to research, couple that married in the age ranging from 18 to 24 tend to divorce due to immature thinking. In that age, most people still too young and unable to decide what they really want in life and don’t know how to make right decision for themselves. Those with age 25 years old and above, on the other hand, have more experience in life and have been in social interaction with more people in their life, therefore they can make better decision and able to choose who they want to marry better.

Those who marry at later age is known to have the advantage of stronger financial. This is also one of the diffences between marrying young and marrying late. Those people whose going to marry needs to prepare sufficient amount of money because marriage is not as simple as made the declaration of marriage. Young people might not have financial that strong enough for the whole family.

One of the similarities between both marriages is they will have to learn to be more responsible. Marriage is a huge responsibility, therefore without strong will they will failed to maintain their harmony family. The challenge will be greater as their family expanding, which means by having more children. Growing children never be easy, especially when the child is on their growing state. They needs more attentions and love, as sometimes they will try to do inappropriate things which both their mother and father have to take care of. Therefore, no matter you choose to marry at young or older age, you will have to learn to be more responsible for the sake of your family.

It’s clear that there are some similarities and differences between marrying young and marrying late. For most cases, marrying at later age is better than marrying at early age. However, everything is depends on the individual itself. If they themselves can manage to handle all the arising problems and able to compromise with their couple, marrying at early age won’t be a problem at all. Marriage is a sacred relationship between two persons who love each other, therefore marrying couple should protect their marriages hard as possible and those who’s going to marry should consider about their future with their couple deeply so that no future issue that may lead to divorce from rising.

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