3:57:00 PM

This is merely personal, please don't read. TQ.

To the one that I love most;

   I might not be the best that you can get. You are pretty, brilliant, and kind; a perfect combinations that a man can ask for. I believe there are lots of rich, handsome, and romantic guys that fits you more than me. However my dear, love can't be judge through anything but the heart. And I know that you realized the truth, that's why you chose to be with me, a man with 1001 of weakness.

   If, someone tell you that he can give you big car and  a big house, I won't say a thing. If, someone tell you he will treat you like a princess, I will stay quiet. But if someone tell you that nobody love you more than he do and only him can do everything to make you happy, I will say it's a bullshit.

   My dear, out of 1001 of my weakness, you will find all of it are related with you, and only you. My weakness no. 1 is to see your tears. My weakness no. 2 is to see you in trouble. Weakness no. 3 is to leave you alone. And it's goes on until 1001 kind of weakness. Can you guess what is my weakness no. 1001? Yes; I can't life without you..

   You have done a tough decision; who you want to spend all  of you life with. And I appreciate it so much that you choose me even there are lot's  more asking for your hand. I swear with everything that I have, that my love for you comes from the purest part of my heart, where there is nothing; except you. Be with me, and I promise to keep you inside, forever..


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