CNN Top 50 Most Delicious Food

5:33:00 PM

   I went to Blog Serious and read about Singaporean who not satisfied because their Singaporean Chili Crab is not listed in CNN Top 10 Most Delicious Food review. If you haven't read it, take a look because Obefient made it look so funny. Click here for the entry. While reading it, I'm actually impressed because it is stated that our Laksa Penang is ranked no. 7! Awesome! The 'King of All Food' however goes to Thailand's Massaman Curry.

Thailand's Massaman Curry
Laksa Penang
Singaporea Chili Crab

Lets take a look on other food that listed:

50. Buttered popcorn, United States


49. Masala dosa, India


48. Potato chips, United States


47. Seafood paella, Spain


46. Som tam, Thailand


45. Chicken rice, Singapore


44. Poutine, Canada


43. Tacos, Mexico


42. Buttered toast with Marmite, Britain


41. Stinky tofu, Southeast Asia


40. Marzipan, Germany


39. Ketchup, United States


38. French toast, Hong Kong


37. Chicken parm, Australia


36. Texas barbecue pork, United States


35. Chili crab, Singapore


34. Maple syrup, Canada


33. Fish ‘n’ chips, Britain


32. Ankimo, Japan


31. Parma ham, Italy


30. Goi cuon (summer roll), Vietnam


29. Ohmi-gyu beef steak, Japan


28. Pho, Vietnam


27. Montreal-style smoked meat, Canada


26. Fajitas, Mexico


25. Butter garlic crab, India


24. Champ, Ireland


23. Lasagna, Italy


22. Brownie and vanilla ice cream, global


21. Croissant, France


20. Arepas, Venezuela


19. Nam tok moo, Thailand


18. Kebab, Iran


17. Lobster, global


16. Egg tart, Hong Kong


15. Kalua pig, United States


14. Donuts, United States


13. Corn on the cob, global


12. Shepherd’s pie, Britain


11. Rendang, Indonesia


10. Chicken muamba, Gabon


9. Ice cream, United States


8. Tom yum goong, Thailand


7. Penang assam laksa, Malaysia


6. Hamburger, Germany


5. Peking duck, China


4. Sushi, Japan


3. Chocolate, Mexico


2. Neapolitan pizza, Italy


1. Massaman curry, Thailand

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