A Warning

3:33:00 AM

This a simple entry. I just want to warn everyone about what is happening at KHAR. Since we are having our semester break now, most of us are at home. However, I went to KHAR last week for debate. During my weekend there, something not right happened. There was a student currently studying at our university causing a havoc at KHAR. What kind of havoc you asking? He wandering around KHAR day and night, trying to do something like exorcism or whatever and keep talking nonsense. Whats more worrying is he trying to convince people to follow him. There was an incident where he made a preaching at the surau KHAR, using English indeed. However, his preaching far stray from the truth. I believe he had a depression, thats why he keep talking nonsense. There was a day where he came to my house at KHAR and we had a talk. Seriously man, he has gone too far. He talked nonsense and have done weird things. The day after that, he chased by the guards for causing havoc. Currently his parents already knew about the situation and sent him to see psychiatric. Girls and boys, be careful. His target are those who looks easily influenced and girls. If someone came to you, then talk and do weird things, go away. I mean, immediately. Even if you knew him before. Although his parents are there to watch him, but there were few times where he run away from home. I don't know how serious his condition is, but please be careful. And yeah, KUO, KAB, and KZ students have to watch out too.

P/S: Guys, this is serious. However, I don't want our university name look bad. Please, don't exaggerated my entry. Accept what I told you as it is. Don't +/- anything.

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