Hidden Messages Is Everywhere!

9:00:00 AM

Hidden message or Subliminal message can actually be found on the logos around you. In my previous entry I showed the hidden message behind the Facebook welcome screen, but actually you can find even more. Some just made to show the uniqueness of the products or companies, while some have rather different objectives. It's funny how most subliminal message actually about sex. But let's be clean today shall we? Hehe.

1. Carrefour
Maybe most of you already knew about it long time ago. But I just knew today. Haha. The logo of Carrefour actually showing a white letter C.

2. Coca-Cola
Some people say it is a smoking man, another says it's a man snorting cocaine, and there even those who says says it's not a man at all, but Illuminati! Well, you judge it yourself. Can you see it? If you can't, click here.

3. Toblerone
Look at the mountain. It's easy enough to see. I won't tell you, hehe.

4. F1
It's pretty straightforward, but brilliant. You number one in white.

5. Baskin Robbins
It looks simple, but there is more in it. If you look carefully, the pink parts of the BR letters resemble number 31. This is the reference to the 31 original flavours.

5. FedEx
Can you see the arrow? It represent how speedy their service is (says them).

Those are some logos that common in Malaysia. However, there are more that you can find in the world. Take a look at these, but you have to find it out yourself. Hehe.

P/S: How many hidden messages can you guess correctly? (Without checking the internet of course! Hehe..)

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