Beautiful Woman or What?

6:48:00 PM

 This is a very good one. Remember this optical illusion about a picture where you can see either an old witch or a beautiful woman? If you forgotten already, look at this image:

Now, what do you see? Are you sure? Try look at it again.. Enjoy this video from College Humour, I love it. Well, that girl is freakin' gorgeous!

   So.., what am I trying to say here? Well, basically, whenever you close with somebody such as a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend that you think is good or whatever, others might find otherwise. So, don't get angry. The best thing that you can do; be neutral, respect their opinion.

   Its not necessary that you must accept or believe what they think, because they might failed to see what you see. But there is also a possibility that you are the one who failed to see what they see. So, whenever there is somebody who criticize someone who close with you, don't be mad, but take it as a call to know him / her better. Btw, she's horrible!

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