Rebecca Black Have a Crush on Awie Rafael?

5:19:00 PM

A brave statement from Rebecca, but she believe she has the right to tell her feelings towards whoever she wanted. During her runaway after being chased by lots of haters for spamming You Tube with her 'popular' song; Friday, Rebecca met Awie Rafael in a party. Rebecca fall in love at first meeting when Awie succeeded to help her decide whether she wants to kickin' in the front seat or sittin' in the back seat. Without hesitation, she confessed to Awie and ask him for a date at 7 A.M next Friday to have some fun. Awie who most of the time only busy from Monday to Thursday have to refused her invitation with an excuse that he have to walk at Kuala Lumpur that day. However, most of his fans believe Awie rejected Rebecca due to the fact that he hates Friday.

Rebecca Black's private MMS for Awie
Sumpah aku benci Jumaat sampai ahad sebab mase tu aku kene runaway- Awie
However, before both of them leave the party, they succeeded to record a special duet for their fans. The title of the song is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Enjoy!

P/S: What do you think Awie actually do from Friday to Sunday?

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