Lol! Apple Will Announce 2 New Products To Replace iPhone 4 & iPad 2.

10:06:00 PM

   In my previous entry, I showed you the latest product by Apple, the iYam. However, during my last meeting with Steve Jobs at Bangsar, he told me that they will announce two new products that will replace the iPhone & iPad. According to him, both iPhone & iPad are a failure and he don't know why people still buying them.

   The two new products are the result of 20 years of research by Apple's greatest designer, Billy Gate. Steve Jobs himself personally involved in the R&D of the products. He believe these will be a hits in Malaysia.

He said, "You Must Buy!"
These are the pictures of the products that Apple will announce soon:

The iPon Dan* (Replacement for iPhone)

The iFat (Replacement for iPad)

pondan is Malay slang for transvestism.
P/S: Cheers everyone. Just for laugh. Hehe.

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