Blocking of File-sharing Web Sites - Malaysian Government's Websites Hacked

2:50:00 PM

Since yesterday morning, most of Malaysian Governments websites were hacked by an international hackers group; ANONYMOUS. This is a protest made by the hackers due to the blocking of 10 file-sharing web sites by SKMM to prevent illegal downloads. Anonymous warned Malaysian Government that they will hack governments official web sites starting from 15 June 2011 at 7:30 P.M under OPERATION MALAYSIA.

The group that responsible for the hacked web sites
Free wallpaper for hacked web sites

Pirates of Carribean?

The hacked web sites including: – Hacked + leaked
Tour Malaysia (Not Tourism Malaysia) – Hacked
Tourism Malaysia – Unaffected
UiTM Penang – Hacked
JBiotech - Hacked
Social Welfare Department (Ezi2Care) – Hacked
CIDB – Hacked but back up 12:20am
Land Public Transport Commision – Hacked but back up 12:15am
1Malaysia – DoS / Switched off 3:45am
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission - Unaffected
ASEANConnect – DoS / Switched off
Malaysian Meteorological Service – DoS / Switched off
Ministry of Education – DoS / Switched off
Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia – DoS / Switched off
Bomba - DoS / Switched off
TMNet - Unaffected

Perbendaharaan Malaysia - DoS / Switched off
Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia - DoS / Switched off
Parlimen Malaysia – DoS / Switched off
Malaysian Treasury – DoS / Switched off
University Kebangsaan Malaysia – DoS / Switched off
Jobs Malaysia – DoS / Switched off
Information, Communications and Culture – DoS / Switched off
Human Resouce Ministry – DoS / Switched off 3:59am
National Sports Council – DoS / Switched off
Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) – DoS / Switched off

10 File-sharing web sites blocked by SKMM:
Well, I agree that closing of some of the web sites will help to prevent illegal downloads, but most of illegal downloads actually comes from P2P a.k.a Peer-to-Peer (download using Ares, Torrent etc.), not direct downloads (Fileserve, Filestube and Megaupload)! What the h*** SKMM thinking when deciding which sites should be blocked? I'm an avid user of Filestube and Megaupload services, so this is really inconvenience for me. 
P/S: 10 web sites blocked. Are you affected?

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